Nyabinghi African Art Gallery
Nyabinghi African Art Gallery

Welcome to Nyabinghi African Art Gallery!

Hand made masks

Authentic traditional tribal mask from central, east, and west Africa. 



Art collection

We sell art from all over Africa



Real African amber and chevron beeds. 

Authentic Egyptian silver ankhs, unique silver rings, pendants and earings from all over Africa!



Ethiopian crosses, jewels, books and much more! 



Beautiful hand woven and wax print fabrics!



Nyabinghi has traveled all over the continent collecting African art and goods. All the items that we sell are 100% real, and originally hand made. There are may things here to choose from that are well worth there prices. If you are the type of person who loves African history, culture, and artifacts, this is the source for all that. If you are an entrepreneur in business, Nyabinghi would be happy to sell whole sale! 

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No store phone

Nyabinghis African Gift shop has been closed since the 31st of December. If you would like to know more about the collection or want to purchase an item,call Nyabinghi at 678-4676329.

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